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The Universe is Listening

For the past two years, I have been making very conscious decisions about my artistic pursuits. I’ve put forth my intentions, talked to the Heavens, and did my best to create new habits. But I also complained a little. I’d say stuff like, “I’ve never had a solo show” or “I’ve never been featured in a magazine” like so many of my much younger local classmates and colleagues have.  

Regardless, I bumbled along, doing my thing, going to shows, putting on workshops, entering (and being rejected by) juried art shows, becoming part of a local art collective (THANK YOU Courtyard on Cotton!), meeting collectors and appreciators of art. I kept on asking the hard questions. I kept having the hard conversations. I kept on dreaming. I kept trying. Everytime I failed, I didn’t STOP.

Then, out of the clear blue, I got a phone call…

“We want you.”

“You have a flexibility that most people don’t have. You aren’t tied down to a regular job or school or young kids.”

“We are looking for someone deserving.”

So this Arizona thing that you’ll be hearing all about soon — I think the Universe heard me.

Universe: “Oh, you want a solo art show, eh? How about a 2 week Artist Residency in Arizona instead? It comes with a chance to travel, an opportunity to meet new artists and collectors in a different part of the country that you haven’t visited. It comes with an audience, you know, that other thing you make art for. It comes with eager students. It comes with the unique opportunity to get to know your sponsors better. You’re going to have so much fun.  

“It’s going to be hard though. It’s going to be a challenge and make you grow. It’s getting you out of your comfort zone. But you know as well as I do, THAT is where the magic happens. Oh yeah, and it comes with





Waddaya say?”

This is so much more than I expected. And I haven’t even left yet. The trip begins in 25 days.

25 more days to dream up all the fun we’re going to have.

25 days to figure out which roads we’ll take. Which detours are worthwhile?

The Grand Canyon. The lava flows out in West Texas that I always wanted to visit.  Meteor Craters.  

25 days to ask, “Who’s going to feed the cats while we’re gone?”

—Heather Gill, Artist/Sculpture/Ceramist

Heather Gill, a mixed-media artist and creative instructor hailing from West Monroe, Louisiana, has a passion for inspiring others through her unique blend of artistic skills. With a diverse array of techniques in her creative arsenal, ranging from boat building to creating concrete art and even crafting fish leather, Heather's work showcases the boundless limits of artistic creativity. Heather's passion extends beyond her own creation. She has an innate desire to share her love for art and craft with others. She has taught papermaking workshops, sewing classes, and kids' art camps. Her teaching extends beyond her local community; Heather traveled to Rwanda, Africa, where she taught former prostitutes how to sew, a testament to her belief in the power of art to uplift and empower. One of her latest projects is to bring pottery supplies and equipment to a village in St Cristobal Verapaz, Guatemala. Heather Gill is not just an artist, but a teacher, a boat builder, and a life-long student of creativity. She is a symbol of how diverse experiences and a love for art can lead to a life filled with expression and fulfillment.

To view Heather Gill’s works, please visit the gallery at Courtyard on Cotton (102 Cotton Street in Downtown West Monroe, Louisiana) or for an appointment to view, contact gallery coordinator Rebekah Lawrence, by email at or directly at 318.348.6045. Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday from 11am-5pm or by appointment.

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