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Tony Thomas


In 1992, Tony obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial Art from Iowa Wesleyan College, in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. As a practical choice, he dedicated twenty years of his professional life to sales, with a predominant focus on newspaper advertising sales. However, in 2013, Tony, together with his wife Phyllis and youngest son Joel, embarked on a new journey as missionaries and relocated to Managua, Nicaragua. During his five-year tenure at Nicaragua Christian Academy International, he wholeheartedly taught art to students ranging from PreK to 12th grade.Driven by a passion for artistic growth, Tony pursued advanced studies with the University of Florida in 2015, successfully attaining a master's degree in art education. His creative vision draws inspiration from subject matter encountered in his daily life and extensive travels. He derives influence from both the timeless artistry of the great masters and the vibrant expressions of contemporary artists. Continuously evolving, Tony strives to cultivate a distinctive impressionist style characterized by its bold yet harmonious tonal qualities. Furthermore, his artistic aspirations encompass an expanding repertoire of significant themes, primarily in oil, plein air and in studio.

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