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Margaret Moses

Mixed Media Artist

Margaret Moses was born in Houston, Texas, attended Northeast Louisiana University and graduated with a BA degree in interior design in 1998. Margaret has practiced interior design since 1998, as well as working as an artist and managing retail businesses. In 2017, she opened her own small business. Palette House and Plume is a home furnishings and clothing boutique located in Monroe’s historic garden district that offers her design services and carries her artwork, as well as the works of other local artisans. Margaret's works are inspired by the colors, forms and textures found in nature. She creates her work through the use of different mediums ranging from acrylics and inks to gouache, texturizing agents and pastels. Her compositions are abstract in style with fluid washed layers of texture and colors evoking an organic feeling. Margaret grew up with artists and creatives on both sides of her family which instilled a love and appreciation for the process and creation of art and design from a very young age.

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