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Heather Gill


Born and raised in West Monroe, Heather had a close bond with her grandparents, both creative souls. It was from them that Heather learned her earliest lessons in crafting and making, sparking a lifelong passion for art and creation. Their influence played a pivotal role in shaping Heather's artistic vision, imparting on her an appreciation for the tactile and a yearning to create with her hands.

After spending two decades in the banking sector, she harbored a deep-seated disdain for institutional operations. This experience further solidified her commitment to the individual expression and creativity embodied by art.

Heather's passion extends beyond her own creation. She has an innate desire to share her love for art and craft with others. She has taught papermaking workshops, sewing classes and kids' art camps. Her teaching extends beyond the borders of her local community. Heather traveled to Rwanda, Africa, where she taught former prostitutes how to sew, a testament to her belief in the power of art to uplift and empower. One of her latest projects is to bring pottery supplies and equipment to a village in San Cristobal Verapaz, Guatemala.

Heather Gill is not just an artist, but a teacher, a boat builder and a life-long student of creativity. She is a symbol of how diverse experiences and a love for art can lead to a life filled with expression and fulfillment.

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